Never Take Paracetamol, Unless Advised By A Doctor!


People find self-meditation an easy, cheap, and quick solution to the problem. But the relief given in less time soon transforms into a lasting habit, and the body is vulnerable to many diseases.

Though paracetamol is such a readily available painkiller that normal people, as well as pregnant women, can take it easy. Due to not being harmful, this medication can be found easily without doctor prescription. We feel even a slight fever or pain, we take paracetamol. But if you had been doing it for years, be aware now.

Because taking paracetamol every time from minor pains or fever can be more harmful than benefits. Excessive use of it can damage many organs of the body. Let’s know how harmful paracetamol it is to the body if taken without the doctor’s advice.

Harmful to Pregnant Women and The Fetus

Paracetamol is generally considered safe for pregnant women, but it is not. If taken in the wrong dosage, it can decrease the whole development of the fetus. A pregnant woman should only take paracetamol with the right prescription and dosage advised by a Doctor.

Can Increase Asthma Symptoms

Only after having a slight fever, we start giving paracetamol to our child. But it has been proven from many types of research that giving paracetamol to children at the age of 6-7 can cause asthma symptoms to their body. The World Health Organization also believes that children should be given paracetamol only at 101.3 ° F after fever.

Liver damage

If you are suffering from jaundice or liver related problems, eating a paracetamol without consulting the doctor can lead to total liver damage. So take advice from your doctor before taking that medication.

Have you ever seen what’s written on the packet of medicine? Taking paracetamol in high concentration could damage the liver. Yes, doctors say that one person should not take more than 3 grams of paracetamol in a day and if you want to take more for some reason, it is necessary to ask your doctor first!