A few days ago, I was just not able to look at the computer, I was having blurred vision. Everything looked hazy; somehow, my vision was not clear. Therefore, I decided to look into ways we all could improve our vision and eye health.

Here are some tips that could help improve your vision and eye health:

Firstly, make sure you have no refractive errors or other medical conditions that could cause diminished vision. If in doubt, get your eye refraction tested by an optometrist and check if you need spectacles.

The most important way to help improve vision and eye health is to have a balanced nutritious diet. One should opt for foods that are rich in vitamin A, C, E and beta-Carotene like carrots, apples, green leafy vegetables, fish, nuts, beans etc.

The eye is one of the delicate organs in the body. It needs utmost care. Tears are naturally formed in the eyes to lubricate them. Therefore, one must take care that there is adequate tear formation, and that there is no blockade in formation of tears.

Dryness of the eyes causes hazy vision. Frequent blinking prevents dryness of the eyes and effectively lubricates it. Therefore, make sure to blink often.

Continuous staring at electronic monitors and phones also cause strain on the eyes. One must take a break and look away from the screen every 20 minutes.

Quit smoking or do not start: If you want to maintain good eyesight, you better not smoke. If you are already smoking, it is better to quit. Smoking decreases blood supply to the miniature blood vessels in the eye causes early cataracts as well.

Protect your eyes – sunglasses when you are out in the sun and dust.

If you work with chemicals that might potentially cause injury to the eyes, please make sure to wear protective eye-gear. It is important to wear them during certain sports like ice hockey, swimming, skiing etc.

Exercise your eyes: Perform simple exercises of the eyes like rolling the eyes in clockwise and counter clockwise direction alternatively. You can do this in the mornings, and at any time your eyes are strained.

Get adequate sleep: Sleep rejuvenates the eyes as it does other organs. Ensure to get adequate sleep. A minimum of 6 hours of undisturbed sleep is good.