Healthy Child, Healthy School!


School resumption is just around the corner, I know parents are seriously counting down. But, wait a minute I have a few things to ask you parents.
Is your child healthy to attend school this new term? Have you done a genuine health check for your child to assess his/her fitness for school? Or you paid the health worker some money to just write that your child is fit for school?

Before you lash me with harsh words, think about this: Is your child’s eyesight in perfect condition? Can they read well without glasses or they squint or have a blurry sight? Do they see far and near well or there’s an issue with distance?
Is your child hearing properly? Are their ears in perfect condition? Will he/she require a hearing aid?
How about the weight and height?
Don’t ignore these “little” health checks, they can help improve your child’s academic performance.

Article by: Dr. Weyoms.  The Baby, The Mother and The Paediatrician!