Dr Fauziyyah Sheu


Born and raised mainly in Northern Nigeria. Growing up, I was always surrounded by my supportive nuclear and extended family. Having a lot of siblings thought me to be loyal, responsible and patient.
Medicine was my choice. For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to be a doctor. Nobody imposed it on me. My family supported me every step of the way and never lost faith in me. Though being a female doctor can be occasionally tasking, I enjoy what I do and I have no regrets.
I cannot go a day without praying and I would hate to be caught looking scruffy. I love to read, watch movies and meet new people. In my spare time I prefer to cook or sleep.

It is naturally simple. As long as it fits, looks good and is decent then I’m good to go.
The secret behind my style is comfort. There’s no point following the crowd if you’re not comfortable in your choices. If you have to go to such extreme measures then that style is definitely not ‘you’. I’d rather look unique.

Be honest, kind and good, good people are always beautiful people. Also have lots of fruits and water, they’re good for you.