Ask our Gynecologist: Can You Really Get Pregnant From Pre-ejaculate?


This is why you should never rely on the pull-out method for safe birth control.

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Q: It’s not possible to get pregnant from pre-ejaculate is it?

A: The answer to that question is definitely yes. Pre-cum does have sperm in it, so yes. It may not have the full amount of what you may see in a full ejaculation amount of fluid, but it does have semen.

That’s why it’s so important for people to understand that, and that’s why the pullout method is not 100%, and it’s not going to guarantee that you’re not going to get pregnant with the withdrawal method.

It’s really important for women and their partners understand that there are millions of sperm in pre-cum. There is only way that you can say, “Oh, I’m not going to get pregnant,” and that is if you don’t have sex or you properly use a condom or other safe and proper methods of birth control.