Are You Having Problems Getting Patients to Come To Your Hospital?

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Take a look at these easy tricks

Getting a potential patient to your health care facility’s website can be challenging. Getting them to engage and convert can be even harder. Many people don’t even understand what’s written on a health care website. Here are a few proven ways via A/B testing can create conversions and ultimately new patients:

  • Toll-free customer support number: No matter how user-friendly your hospital site is, it’s always good to provide a toll-free phone number to give viewers extra support if there’s something they can’t find or understand on the website. A prominent 1-800 number on your website lets your customers and patients know that you are an established, reputable health care facility whose staff cares about customer service.
  • Add trust indicators: People get more comfortable when they see various accreditation logos that your facility has. Putting those in a prominent location can make a big difference in guiding your patient to choose you over a competitor.
  • Testimonials are powerful: These are one of the most powerful sales tools for any website, especially within health care. Don’t look for specifics because of HIPAA and privacy laws, but general positive testimonials on the facility and specific doctors can lead to a spike in conversions.

A user-friendly website is key for conversions. Adding a few simple additional pieces can lead to new patients walking through your hospital’s doors.