Are you awake? This Is How To Get The Best Night’s Sleep, Every Night

Mid-adult couple sleeping --- Image by © Tim Pannell/Corbis

Sleep is incredibly important, but we often don’t get enough due to our hectic schedules. Just like we plan other aspects of our fitness, such as what we eat and how we work out, we can also plan our sleep patterns to promote better rest. Here are some tips to help you get the best sleep of your life.

Planning your exercise routine and your general lifestyle around your sleep schedule can help to guarantee you get a good night’s rest. Although the time you choose to exercise does not really affect your exercise quality, it can affect your sleep quality. We recommends doing cardio in the morning rather than the evening as it can give your muscles time to wake up, but prevents your brain from getting overstimulated before bed. Rather, you should try a more low-impact workout before bed such as yoga/ or any form of slow body movement, to help your brain desensitize itself and prepare for “rest” mode.

One of the most important questions around sleep is how much you need. Although you may have heard of an ideal “(8)eight hours of rest,” according to the Federal Ministry of Health, the amount of sleep your body needs to function best differs depending on the individual. It also changes throughout your lifetime, with children and teenagers typically needing more sleep than adults and the elderly.

Other ways to help ensure you get a good night’s rest is to create an ideal sleeping environment. This involves turning off technology, keeping track of your caffeine intake, and trying to keep to a “sleep schedule” that involves going to sleep and waking up at the same time each day.

Ok… so for a quick “fall asleep” tonight, do these 3 things!

  1. Drink something warm- preferably thick chocolate drink
  2. Take a warm shower or a hot bath
  3. Keep your room dark and quiet
  4. You can read a book
  5. cuddle up! or just get in you most comfortable sleeping position.

Good night & sweet dreams