Control Your Blood Sugar Level with just 1 Boiled Egg


We determine our overall health with our eating and lifestyle habits. But the modern environment has become toxic, raising our risk of various diseases, and the busy lifestyle we have doesn’t allow having a healthy diet all the time, and this needs to change right now!

Diabetes is a dangerous health problem of increased sugar levels of Sugar in the blood. It happens when your pancreas stops producing insulin or when your body is not able to properly use the insulin which is present in the body.

When we see the results of our routine checks/ doctor’s visits, we are often shocked by the high or low levels of things like blood sugar, all of which are caused by a significant eating disorder. We aren’t even aware of these “silent killers” which can cause irreparable damages in our organism. But the luck is on your side, as we offer an incredible and quick solution for your high blood sugar.

Eggs are ranked at 55, in the Glycemic Index chart of food items. It means eggs contains very low amount of sugar (glucose) in comparison to other food articles.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Boil an egg in the evening and after you peel it make a few holes in it using a fork.
  2. Put the egg in a bowl and pour vinegar over it. Leave it overnight.
  3. In the morning, pour away the vinegar and you need to eat the egg.
  4. While eating the egg, drink a glass of warm water in which you need to dissolve a tablespoon of vinegar.
  5. We all know that eggs are loaded with healthy nutrients and they’re great way to add healthy protein to your diet! It will reduce your appetite and you will feel full of energy!

Well, this means that you should definitely try this homemade remedy! It’s very simple and easy-to-make and it’s made by easily available ingredients! and the best thing about it is that it’s safe and extremely effective.

–Dr. JKC Mazumdar, HealthcareMagic